For a job like ours, we need questions. Some are inevitable. The three most frequent FAQs are:

How much does a stand cost?

Clients ask installers how much it will all come to. The installer, of course, replies, “It depends”.
The client insists, “Yes, but approximately?”
It’s hard to produce an estimate without all the information required. An answer would be misleading. There are too many variables.

What's your budget?

Now it’s the stand provider’s turn. The question is one which clients are reluctant to answer − or an answer will be given, but only in the vaguest of terms. Clients imagine, “If I specify the sum available, the stand provider will make sure I spend it all”.
This is not the right way to look at the matter. We have perhaps some confusion here between investment and spending. Actually, every cent invested by our clients will be used to enhance and improve end results.

Can I have an estimate without commitment on my part?

Drawing up an estimate (drafting the project, hypothesising solutions, calculating the costs etc.) requires effort. In turn, effort requires commitment. This means we can’t provide an estimate in the absence of commitment. When we say “without commitment” maybe we are referring only to the client. After all, a lot of our own commitment goes into drawing up an estimate. It’s something we do most willingly...