We provide backup for our clients at all stages of planning of activities regarding trade fairs. Trade fairs are extraordinary occasions, providing marvellous business openings. Year after year, companies return because they realise that trade fairs are unique opportunities to make inroads in terms of sales and communication. However, to maximise results, participants must adopt a structural, global approach.

Market context and trade fair models

Trade fairs have changed over time. Trade fairs now put visitors first. The tremendous developments impacting communication have also played a part in furthering and accelerating this change. By exploiting specific instruments (video, web sites, films) in order to enhance corporate brands and communication, trade fairs have become “places of experience”. The great risk which companies are faced with today is finding out that, though a failure to plan the event, they are unable to put trade fairs to best use − or that, while their stand is important, it is not truly consistent with corporate objectives.


Evolution of trade fairs

What about tomorrow’s trade fairs? Will they be ‘leaner’? Smaller? More frequent? Increasingly tailored to the new markets?
Will trade fairs bring with them a superabundance of services? Or will they become multimedia events?
Progetti e Comunicazione is committed to interpreting, understanding and anticipating major market trends, to provide top quality stands and meet the specific needs of clients.

Trade fairs in Europe

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