The intention to attend one or more trade fairs may be determined by many aims. These aims may vary greatly. To direct our work toward achieving objectives we must have a clear idea of these aims.
Stand construction operations will vary according to intentions and corporate aims – e.g. getting the word out about your product, exploring new markets, managing relations with customers that you have already acquired, finding new customers, upgrading and changing company image…
We at Progetti e Comunicazione consider this step with the client to be vital. We have therefore devised a working process which is consistent with the objectives formulated for the trade fair and with the budget made available.

Designing and setting up stands

Stand design starts when we have pinpointed the objectives. Stand design aims at achieving precisely those objectives.

Project preparation entails examination of all details, based on quality criteria: floor plan, façades, 3D rendering, study of spaces and materials, arrangement of volumes, and ‘modular’ or tailor-made solutions for furnishings.

We provide the full range of solutions for digital printing of stand embellishments. Banners, back light, forex, trademarks, pre-spaced and three-dimensional logotypes and lettering are instruments of considerable worth − a necessary resource in our efforts to provide outreach for your company’s values and philosophy.

Direct dealings with trade fair management body

Competence, reliability: we directly manage all administrative and regulatory aspects of the work at hand. Since our clients will not be required to handle these questions, they will be able to focus solely on their own business concerns. We adopt the very highest personnel safety regulations, and we guarantee full conformity with the various Italian and international law and regulations.

Installation: implementation and logistics

We use premium materials for our stands. We directly manage and control all installation stages.
Thanks to our expert team, we can produce, ship, assemble/disassemble and store stands. We conduct our work with the greatest care, and always abide by the delivery dates. Our deliveries are all ‘turnkey’, irrespective of location.


Analysis − both necessary and cost-effective − will be most beneficial when organising future events.
Client satisfaction is not the same as “follow our advice”.